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When faced with difficult life decisions, we decided not to proceed without an appraisal, so the search began for an honest, knowledgeable appraiser with the connections we needed. We wanted an appraiser with the following characteristics:

(a) personal and professional integrity;
(b) someone who would be objective and overlook personal biases;
(c) knew when to call in help if needed;
(d) good interviewer - able to get people to talk and take conflicting information and pieces of a puzzle and make a reconciliation;
(e) get "hunches" that something isn't right;
(f) be a reconciler, not just an accountant;
(g) doesn't use a "cookbook" or pull out a form, a previous appraisal, seminar notebook, or textbook and fills in numbers without considering if it is the best approach.

With luck we discovered Tom and Ron with A-Z Appraisal and Estate Consultants who surpassed out expectations and helped with our problem. Thanks to both of you!

Howard and Pat Fleischmann, Community Tire of Arizona

I can highly recommend A-Z Appraisal and Estate Consultants for not only appraisals but for settling estates, insurance needs, disaster evaluations, or other concerns for establishing value of personal property. I have known Tom personally for over 20 years. Since he has bought and sold all types of personal property for many years, he has an unusual depth of knowledge of antiques and all personal property. He knows the local market conditions. Tom has lived in Arizona for over forty years and has a reputation as an honest, ethical and professional individual. When I retired after 15 years of being a certified personal property appraiser, I chose Tom Helms to take over any client leads. I can recommend him with full confidence for his professional expertise.

Charles F. Finch, Certified Appraiser (retired)

When experience matters, you can count on Ron and Tom from A-Z Appraisal and Estate Consultants. Their combined experience is at the top of their game in the industry.

Scott Gram, Real Estate and Certified Appraiser

You are a delight to work with. You are efficient and so knowledgeable. I trust you and your experience, and it's not everyday that I feel my interests really came first. I hope you can maintain your level of enthusiasm in the years ahead as you both have such a passion for what you do.

Nancy Loveland, Financial Planner

I have worked with Tom and Ron on a number of projects over the past twenty years, long before the conception of A-Z Appraisal and Estate Consultants. They are honest, knowledgeable, dependable and true gentlemen. Each comes to the business with his own talents, and as a team, they are truly the best. In this day and age of rather impersonal business practice, Tom and Ron make their clients their priority, paying special attention to their needs and making them feel as if they are their only client at the time. I highly recommend their services.

Diane Bykowski, artist and educator

I first learned of Tom Helms' reputation as an estate liquidator about fifteen years ago. At the time I was an estate planning/probate attorney and was preparing an estate plan for wealthy clients. When asked the name of the personal representative/trustee after both the husband and wife had passed away, I was told that Tom Helms should be named. My clients explained to me that Tom, although not related to them in any way, had impressed them with his honesty, attention to detail, ability to handle estates regardless of size, understanding of realistic valuation, and knowledge of the local auction house. A few years later, after both of these particular clients had passed away, I met Tom for the first time. He was everything I was told he would be. He handled the estate of these clients professionally, thoroughly, and respectfully. I wholeheartedly recommend the services of Tom Helms and A-Z Appraisal and Estate Consultants.

Tricia Salerno, attorney/educator

Thank you A-Z Appraisal! Your recent home furnishings appraisal enabled my client to liquidate their furnishings at the expected value determined and made my participation much easier. Please know my continued patronage of your estate services provided both my client and my business with a true sense of fair market value. A service my firm has come to know and trust.

R.A. Lashua Interiors by Design LLC Member of IFDA

Tom and Ron of A-Z Appraisal are remarkable in their sincerity and their honest ability to always put the needs and interests of their clients first --- actually before their own. This attribute attests to their honest and integrity in all of their business endeavor. How refreshing in this day and age to observe individuals with these characteristics in the business world.

Linda O'Connor, client and retired H.S. principal

I have had years of association with Ron and Tom. Both men are upstanding, fair, truthful and honest individuals. I can highly recommend their service. These two gentlemen will go out of their way to help you with your estate and appraisal needs. Sometimes this is at a very difficult time in a family member's life. I know they did for me.

Vicki L. Smith , business owner, Citigraphics of Scottsdale

I have known and had the honor of working with Tom Helms for many years. He has a wealth of knowledge about value and appraisals With his expertise and knowledge, he can honestly and forthrightly appraise full estates, antiques, and objet d'arts. He is straightforward and easy to work with.

Dr. Rimma Finkel, plastic surgeon

Your appraisal services give our clients, their beneficiaries and our staff the confidence we need when dealing with personal property issues. In our industry, there is a lot of concern that the personal property from an estate is properly identified, inventoried and valued. The appraisal reports that you present clarify these issues for all parties involved. Your valuations have nev3r been called into question and we have complete confidence in your abilities. Thank you for continuing to provide consistent, clear and accurate information about our client's most valuable possessions. We look forward to working with you on our next case.

Eben Bull, fiduciary/property manager

I have known Tom Helms for approximately 10 years, and was delighted when he co-founded A-Z Appraisal. His thoroughness in evaluation, clarity of thought process, practical knowledge of the marketplaces in which he deals, ability to bring in specialists in areas when needed, and last, but certainly not least, his complete candor and integrity make Tom and A-Z Appraisal my number one choice for asset valuation. I recommend Tom and A-Z Appraisal on a regular basis to other attorneys seeking this expertise without reservation.

Thomas J. Salerno, attorney, Squire, Sanders & Dempsey
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