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Tom Helms, Ron Freeman, and Jeff Pearson bring a strong moral and ethical service orientation to our professional services. For over twenty years, we have provided advice, service, and knowledge to both professionals and families.

A-Z Appraisal's knowledge about estate valuing, appraisals, and client's needs are broad based. We have been business owners, worked in Arizona and throughout the south west with antique dealers, mall owners, consignment shops, liquidators, estate sale specialists, trust departments, attorneys, retirement and assisted living centers, auction houses, charities, and fiduciaries.

We have a knowledgeable working relationship with restoration and expert specialized services. Clock repair, coin values, dolls, pottery, art, upholstery, furniture repair, caning, and other valuable referrals are just a few of our Arizona contacts. We have developed long and reliable commitments to excellence in knowledgeable service.

Our extensive background, experience, and longevity in the Arizona community have given us a unique understanding of the appraisal, estate concerns, local market and issues individuals face today. We have represented major charities, presented informational seminars, and have written for magazines and other publications, and have been showcased on "The Learning Channel's" series, "The Auctioneers", Baggage Battles, done workshops for the Arizona Fiduciary conventions and spoken to the Arizona Water Color Association.

Our training, professional designation, and education are well-rounded and continuing. We are trained in the art of inspecting, evaluating, researching, and identifying property. Our training includes over fifteen years of mentoring with senior appraiser Pamela Thomas an expert on silver, furniture, art and household items. Educational and informational vignettes of art, furniture, glass and architectural highlights of museums, churches, cathedrals, and historic homes and buildings both in the United States and in Europe give us a practical and hands on experience. Textbooks, guides, research, and further training along with continuing seminars and formal educational experiences continue to shape the team's expertise.

Professionalism is our motto. Our national certification through Certified Appraisers Guild of America and International Society of Appraisers as certified appraisers signify that we hold to a standard that has been endorsed due to our level of competence, education, and knowledge.

Arizona Personal Property Appreaisers
Personal Property Appraisers
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